Many companies believe that protecting the climate and the environment is complex and expensive. We at CO2OP make it our business to help you become climate-neutral with manageable effort and a focus on cost-efficient measures.
But what is climate neutrality anyways? Products, processes, and companies that have net-zero emissions of gases detrimental to our climate, e.g. carbon dioxide or methane, are considered climate-neutral. Climate neutrality is achieved by reducing avoidable emissions locally, for example by using electricity from renewable sources and by pushing energy efficiency. In addition, today’s unavoidable residual emissions are compensated for elsewhere, through certified climate protection projects. The CO2OP process is designed to steer companies towards climate neutrality in three simple and sustainable steps:

1. Calculation of your CO2e footprint

The calculation can be carried out efficiently and quickly thanks to our methodology. For the carbon footprint of the production of your products  the data is analysed according to Scope 3. The collection of stakeholder data is an important component here. If desired, we can take over the independent communication with your suppliers or work out reduction strategies with you & your suppliers to reduce or neutralise the CO2e hot spots.

2. Assessment of internal reduction measures and joint implementation

In cooperation with experts and specialized energy consultants, an optimal mix of measures can be compiled to reduce your CO2 footprint. Here, we focus on measures that pay for themselves, such as energy efficiency; even switching to green electricity might save you money.

3. Compensation through certified climate protection projects

Unavoidable residual emissions are then offset though certified compensation projects. These projects meet internationally recognized standards such as the Gold Standards, which among other things ensure a project’s additionality and long-term sustainability

Why your company will benefit from the CO2OP process:

  • Climate protection measures can save money already today. For example, electricity from your own solar system often costs less than electricity from the grid, and LED lighting can reduce electricity demands for lighting by half.
  • Protecting the climate makes your company more attractive. Especially young employees value a company’s commitment to environmental and climate protection – whether as employees or consumers.
  • A stringent climate strategy is becoming more and more important for your partners. More and more banks and companies are requiring their customers and suppliers to disclose greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Climate neutrality contributes to achieving the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. As a climate-neutral company, you contribute to limit global warming and help to maintain the quality of life for our and future generations.

The CO2OP Team

Tobias Berndt

Tobias Leibfritz

Prof. Dr. Bastian Schröter

Andreas Pecher (M.B.A.)

As a company you have a social responsibility. We at CO2OP support you in meeting this responsibility and help you become a climate-friendly company. It’s a major challenge to keep track of your emissions and those of your products. We at CO2OP are convinced that expensive and complex processes are not necessary for your company to significantly reduce its environmental impact while keeping a focus on profitability. We’ll accompany you on this journey.

Contact us today: be a pioneer and a positive example for society and your business partners. Reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions and benefit from a better image with your customers!

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