CO2OP helps Papier Geiger assess its carbon footprint

IHK Ostwürrtemberg magazine, september 2020 issue

The issue of climate neutrality is becoming increasingly important for companies – for employee recruitment, as a marketing tool and, finally, for corporate leaders to assume social responsibility. Increasingly, large companies such as Bosch and Daimler are setting themselves the goal of becoming climate-neutral. Extending this to suppliers is the logical next step. The founders of CO2OP are counting on this trend: their goal is to create transparency for companies regarding their CO2 footprint with manageable effort. Based on this, possibilities to reduce or compensate the footprint with cost-efficient measures are developed jointly.
The know-how builds on the expertise of the founders: co-founder Bastian Schröter co-heads the Center for Sustainable Energy Technology at HFT Stuttgart while co-founder Andreas Pecher has 20+ years of experience working for high-tech and energy companies. Several satisfied pilot customers have confirmed the approach, including Geiger GmbH & Co. KG from Aalen. Managing Director Florian Geiger: “By working with CO2OP, we have been able to understand our carbon footprint with little effort, we know the reduction measures available and we can achieve climate-neutral right away”.
(Photo: CO2OP)

Now that the pilot phase has been completed, CO2OP offers its services to all companies that want to move towards climate neutrality. The CO2OP team together with Managing Director Florian Geiger and Commercial Director Andreas Nusser of Geiger GmbH & Co. KG during the presentation of the results of the CO2 footprint calculation.


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